Each Herse product is a small work of art, which we meticulously work on so that our customers feel special. Our passion is to create elegant men’s and women’s fashion of the highest order. At Herse, we take care of the smallest details at every stage of production. Behind the high quality of our garments is a team of dedicated and loving people. The value of the product should be taken care of from the very beginning, which is why in the search for materials for our collections we reach for, among others, fabrics from the heart of Italy of the prestigious Ferla brand.


The Ferla weaving mill was founded in 1880 by Egidio Ferla and is still one of the top fabric manufacturers in the world, continuously creating the finest textiles over the years.

The manufactory is based in the Italian region of Biella, which is internationally renowned as the capital of the best quality woollen textiles. Nearby is the historic ‘Wheel Factory’ – once a popular weaving mill and now a museum where you can see a range of machinery used to make textiles.

The Ferla brand is committed to quality and practises the principle of slow fashion. The production of the fabrics involves a close-knit team of employees sharing a common passion, so that the brand is based on the values of tradition and friendship.

“Our fabrics offer the perfect combination of tradition, a unique production process and the perseverance to implement innovative solutions that look to the future,” says Paolo Ferla, the current owner of the company, about the brand.


Courtesy of Paolo Ferla, our Herse team had the opportunity to visit his manufactory and see with their own eyes the behind-the-scenes production of outstanding fabrics. During the visit, we were able to observe the artful work of the best in their craft weavers. Ferla’s representatives gave us a tour of the factory, showing us each stage of production and giving us an up-to-the-minute account of each step.

The weaving mill is known for its pursuit of perfection. A skilled group of weavers ensures the production of unique and distinctive textiles.

Ferla prides itself on combining a long-standing tradition associated with reliability with innovative and avant-garde ideas. The brand’s fabrics balance the classic with the modern, making them the ideal base for original and unusual garments.


The Baby Alpaca material is exclusively produced by the Ferla weaving mill. This wool is unique and extremely rare, as it is only obtained by first shearing Andean alpacas, which live in the highlands of Peru and Bolivia.

The hairs extracted to produce the material are carefully selected. They are taken only from the youngest alpacas and areas where the animals’ hair is thinnest. A single fabric fibre reaches a maximum thickness of 20 microns, while a human hair measures 40-90 microns. What’s more, the fabric comes in more than twenty natural colours – from white and beige to black.

Baby Alpaca is pleasantly soft and delicate, yet resistant and multi-tasking. The finished product is a wonderful alternative to cashmere. The quality of Baby Alpaca is not only hidden in the incredibly pleasant texture but also in the practical thermal properties. Ferla ensures that the fabric retains all its characteristics during the production process.

The fabric is characterised by its versatility – it is informal yet elegant, while the muted colours and sophisticated patterns mean that Baby Alpaca offers a range of possibilities in terms of style choices.


The weaving house has a wide range of products, presented in the form of summer and winter collections. The fabric suggestions provided by the manufacturer can work perfectly in any role – suit, jacket and coat.

Ferla prides itself on the best quality textiles. In addition to the flagship Baby Alpaca, the brand is renowned for its excellent wool and silk blends, as well as its striking loose giro inglese weave.


At Herse, we want to create garments that meet the highest expectations of our customers. We are particularly keen to ensure that the quality of the product is felt in every aspect of its wearing.

Ferla’s Italian fabrics guarantee the unique and elegant look of our collections. What’s more, they provide invaluable comfort associated with wearing them. Ferla’s exclusive fabrics are perfect for creating sophisticated and stylish creations with a timeless dimension.