The HERSE brand, faithful to its roots and traditions, transports us to the magical world of Warsaw. In its latest collection, it not only celebrates its history and heritage but also embraces a fresh perspective. It thus creates a sort of link between “HERSE of yesterday” and “HERSE of today”.


Collaborating with Spanish fashion photographer Francisco González Calderón allowed HERSE to view Warsaw from the perspective of an outsider, through the eyes of an artist from another country. His approach, free from awareness of local cultural contexts, and sensitivity to details, enabled capturing the unique character of the city and introducing a fresh, international perspective on Warsaw’s heritage and culture.

The advertising campaign represents a nostalgic return to the past when sending postcards was a popular way of sharing travel experiences. The central theme is a romantic vision of Warsaw, taking us on a magical journey through the city streets.

The session’s protagonists, like tourists, visit picturesque places one after another. Their clothes harmonize perfectly with the atmosphere of the surrounding spaces, adding style and elegance to the romantic landscape.

This “Warsaw Postcard” is also a nod to people around the world who have not yet had the opportunity to experience the charm and beauty of Warsaw, serving as an invitation to take a fascinating journey through the city streets to discover the culture, aesthetics, experiences, and history that only Warsaw can offer.


The collection has been designed to capture the spirit of the city and showcase the complexity of Polish nature. Subdued elements intertwine with bold patterns and a color palette reminiscent of blooming flowers, spring parks, and gardens. Iconic architectural elements of the Polish capital serve as a backdrop, revealing its richness and diversity. Everyday life intertwines here with the world of dreams, modernity with complex history.

In HERSE’s latest collection, you can find elements inspired by both local traditions and innovative trends, seamlessly intertwining “what was” with “what is” with effortless ease. Refined fabrics, classic designs, and modern accents make the clothes both elegant and versatile, appealing to a wide audience worldwide. This exploration of universal values and aesthetics also highlights the brand’s international aspirations, deeply believing that its Polish heritage is a source of pride.

Each element prepared for the Spring/Summer 2024 collection reflects the unique character and values of the brand, offering customers diverse options that meet both everyday needs and the highest expectations in terms of style and quality. Each of them is unique in its own way, but regardless of the choice, each represents the values of the HERSE brand.

Francisco González Calderónem

Wiktoria Wanda Zielińska
Maciej Zieliński
Conrado Moreno Szypowski