Each of Herse’s signature products represents a small masterpiece that we carefully create to deliver a unique impression to our customers. Our passion is focused on creating the highest quality men’s and women’s fashion, where we take care of the smallest details at every stage of production. At Herse, we understand that the key to a product’s value lies in the careful choice of materials, which is why we often go for exclusive fabrics such as those from renowned weaving house Marling & Evans.


Marling & Evans is one of the oldest active weaving manufactories in Huddersfield, a place renowned for its rich textile history and traditions. The town, thanks to its favourable location, geographical conditions and access to raw materials, has developed a textile industry over the years. In addition, from the 18th century onwards Huddersfield became a centre of woollen production, with local weavers specialising in the manufacture of high quality woollen fabrics.

Founded in 1782 as an artisan’s laboratory, a production facility that specialised in manual and traditional craft techniques. Today, Marling & Evans produces fabrics exclusively from naturally dyed and finished English wool, with no chemical additives.

The entire process, starting with the selection of the best raw materials, is studied in depth to guarantee the highest quality. The product range is extensive, covering a variety of items including Covert Twill, a very soft material used in the past for Rolls Royce upholstery.


Marling & Evans’ core mission revolves around preserving and developing the art of weaving. With a commitment to excellence, the company aims to maintain the highest standards of craftsmanship and quality. This commitment is reflected in every fabric produced.

Marling & Evans ensures that every detail is considered and refined, from the initial stage of selecting the highest quality raw materials. The mission of the weaving mill is not only to maintain tradition. It is also about striving to ensure that their products meet the expectations of today’s customers and inspire future generations.


Marling & Evans uses a variety of fabrics in its production, covering different styles, patterns and material types. Here are some examples of fabrics that are frequently used by British weavers:

  • Tweed – a traditional coarse fabric, often used for elegant jackets, suits and coats. Tweed is a frequent feature in the Marling & Evans collection, combining classic style with a modern approach.
  • Covert Twill – a soft material that was used in the past for the upholstery of luxury cars such as Rolls Royce. It is an elegant choice, ideally suited to the production of exclusive garments.
  • Natural Story Collection – this collection focuses on all-natural fabrics. It uses undyed wool from a variety of sheep breeds such as Jacob, Shetland and Welsh Black.


As a Herse brand, we were honoured to visit Marling & Evans. This extraordinary experience allowed us to immerse ourselves directly in the atmosphere of the place, and allowed us to delve into the secrets of a craft that has been around since the 16th century.

The general manager of the manufactory, not only proudly showed us the process of creating unique fabrics, but also introduced us to the secrets of the coexistence of tradition and modernity at the heart of this unique place.


The creation of exclusive fabrics at the Marling & Evans manufactory is a harmonious blend of tradition, precision and modern technology. The process begins with carefully selected raw materials, such as wool from MerinoJacob, Shetland and Welsh Black sheep breeds. The company avoids the use of artificial dyes and uses only natural pigments, which gives the fabrics their unique colours.

Innovative weaving technologies, operated with precision by experienced weavers, make it possible to create intricate patterns and textures. The process is true craftsmanship, where attention to detail and traditional techniques meet modernity.

Each batch of material undergoes rigorous quality control, ensuring that only products that meet the highest standards make it into the company’s range. This is how Marling & Evans’ unique fabrics are born.


At Herse, we are always driven by the pursuit of excellence in every detail of our collections. The choice of fabrics is crucial, which is why we are proud to source products from Marling & Evans.

This brand is synonymous with excellence in weaving. Their long history, dating back more than two hundred years, is testament to their incredible precision and passion for creating fabrics. By choosing Marling & Evans, we are choosing the highest standard.