The Herse Wedding Set is our special offer designed for everyone looking for a wedding suit. With various expectations in mind, we decided to create an offer that would appeal to the widest possible audience. Therefore, we have chosen to present the two options below.

RTW WEDDING SET Suit plus shirt – 3500 PLN

Among all our ready-to-wear suit models, we have selected two that we believe will be a perfect fit. A classic navy suit made from year-round wool fabric type 4ply, available in both peak lapel and notch lapel variants.

The set also includes a white shirt that matches the suit and the occasion, available in one of three options (classic button-up shirt, classic cufflink shirt, and pin collar shirt).

Additionally, it is possible to purchase a matching vest from our current collection – made from the main suit fabric or another wool fabric that complements the suit, known as the “odd vest”.

If necessary, we can adjust all the elements of the purchased suit to your figure within 1-2 weeks.

MTM WEDDING SET Suit plus shirt – 6000 PLN

This offer is aimed at those looking for the possibility of creating a perfect suit for the day, practically from scratch. Similar to the RTW option, this set consists of a two-piece suit and a shirt. The main difference is that in this option, both the suit and the shirt will be tailored specifically to your figure, taking into account your preferences and stylistic wishes.

In this case, we will need 4-6 weeks to prepare the suit for the first fitting and 1-2 weeks for any adjustments and fitting.

Regardless of which option of our offer interests you, we warmly invite you to a free consultation at one of our physical stores. Our staff will be delighted to present the available options and help you choose the best solution.

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